29th Visayas Areacon Awards (2)

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Friends congratulate Chapter

CEBU CITY (06 September 2009) Friends within and close to the movement of Junior Chamber International (JCI) here and nationwide sent congratulatory messages for THE FEAT the JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel gained in just four years since it acquired its charter.

6 TROPHIES. The delegates to the 29th Visarcon show the haul.

6 TROPHIES. The delegates to the 29th Visarcon show the haul.

JCI Sen. Fulbert C. Woo, CLT, 2009 National President of JCI Philippines, led JCI leaders in sending their messages, and Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael L. Rama from circles close to JCI.

The chapter earned a “4-peat” as Outstanding JCI Local Organization of the Year in the Visayas and grabbed five other major awards during the 29th Area Conference in Mandaue City over the weekend.

The awards included the 2009 Outstanding JCI Local Organization President of the Year for 2009 President Emi Rose R. Parcon under Category 3 — from a chapter with 25 to 45 members — in the JCI awards system.

The others were given for Best Individual Development Program (The Next Step), Best Education for Peace (Read to lead), Best UN Millennium Development Program (Bridging The Gap) and Best JCI Website, this website.

The messages

JCI Sen. Fulbert C. Woo, CLT, 2009 National President:

“Congraulations to Pres MM and the members for being RELEVANT. Pls remember (that) in his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”

JCI Sen. Mabel Villarica Mamba, CNT, 2002 National President:

“Congratulations to JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel for your outstanding performance! Tunay na kahanga-hanga at dapat ipagmalaki ang mga karangalang natanggap ninyo nitong makaraang Areacon.”

JCI Sen. Lear San Buenaventura, CNT, 2009 National Treasurer:

“RELEVANT always and without a doubt!!! Congratulations toJCI Cebu-Mactan Channel, especially to Prez Em Parcon!!! MABUHAY!!!

JCI Sen. Carlo Pontico C. Fortuna, 2009 National EVP for the Visayas, 2006 President of JCI Mandaue during whose term his chapter sponsored the affiliation of JCI Cebi-Mactan Channel.

“Congratulations to Pres Emi and JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel for bringing home the bacon as Outstanding President and Outstanding LOM.”

JCI Sen. Robert L. Go, 1996 JCI GLC, 1995 JCI Associate GLC, 1994 JCI VP, 1992 Special Assistant to the World President, 1991 APDC Councilor and NSEVP, 1990 NT and 1987 JCI Metro Cebu Uptown President:

“Congratulations to your chapter and your (Charter President’s) good guidance.”

JCI Sen. Boy Te, Past National Treasurer:

“Congratulations … to your chapter. Keep it up always. Hope I could meet your chapter (members) one of these days.”

Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael L. Rama:

“I am happy and proud to know the accolade (for) JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel, (and) so with the leadership MM Parcon brought to her club. Congratulations from VM Mike Rama, your fan and friend.”

(Click here to view more photos taken during the 29th VisArCon.)

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