CV Kicks Off National Training Month w/ Achieve & Impact Trainings

20140308 JCI Achieve and Impact
CEBU CITY (Sat 08 Mar 2014) - Members of all seven JCI Chapters in Cebu attended the first two JCI Official Courses trainings initiated by JCI Central Visayas Regional Vice President, Kenneth Mark S. Migrino for the year to kick-off the celebration of JCI Philippines National Training Month. The first Filipino Training Committee Chairperson, Kenneth C. Kabingue, conducted the JCI Achieve course while JCI Cebu 2012 President and JCI Philippines’ (JCIP) 2012 Outstanding President (Category II) Bethuel V. Tanupan conducted the JCI Impact and facilitated the Project A.C.T. Workshop. The Projec...

RVP seeks clarity, wants action on TOFARM to stand w/o doubt

2013 National President JCI Sen. Ryan Ravanzo presides the 4th National Board Meeting.
JARO, Iloilo City (Thu 10 October 2013) – “Any action we do with TOFARM must be pursued on the right track. If we do it right, it will pass any scrutiny and erase all doubts raised about it.” Thus declared JCI Mem. Emi Rose R. Parcon, 2013 Regional Vice President (RVP) for Central Visayas of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines during the 4th National Board Meeting at the Centennial Resort Hotel here today. (more…)

2014 President in Boracay

INCOMING President Ryan (center) with batchmates Scott Valanecia of Imus Haliguw, Ken Ngo of Cebu, Xavier Lim of Bacolod Executive and Queenie Gilig of Cebu Sinulog.
STATION 2, Boracay Island, Aklan (08 October 2013) – “Everything came into synthesis and all the learning and experiences came into the right perspective,” quipped JCI Mem. Ryan Expeditus C. Andales after graduating from the 14th JCI Philippines Academy here today. “The Academy made me see the bigger picture where all the bits and pieces in my participation, training and exposures in JCI since 2007 settled in a broader yet logical correlation,” added incoming 2014 President of JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel. (more…)

‘Joy as Young Leaders – 01/07/09′

clt jolex
Looking back, moving forward Vol. I, No. 01*07 January 2009 By JCI Mem. JOLEX YU LIM, CLT2008 President Happy New Year! The 11 days holiday economics provided me ample quality time to spend with my family, friends and relatives, even for some personal stuff. So much with the lechon, chicharon, cake, beer and red wine that my gastro can accommodate. I wouldn’t mind much as the threadmill at Fitness First helps a lot in burning those calories. I still do have lots of vivid pictures during the longest holiday on my digital camera that still needs to be printed. But it’s back to...

‘TABLE TALK – 01/02/2009′

yu, reginald t. (table talk)
A Hint of Madness Vol. I, No. 01* 02 January 2009 By JCI Sen. REGINALD T. YU, ITFTrainer, Inspirational Speaker and Author, Communicator Fellow JCI Members, I’d like to welcome all of you to my very first “blog” – ever! And I’ve decided to name this occasional column “Table Talk” – in deference to the brilliantly simple, yet exceedingly effective method with which JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel has attracted potential members into its fold. If my modest column would just be able to inspire a miniscule fraction among many of these recruits to carry on the legacy of JCI’s TRUE visi...

‘Guest blogger starts tomorrow, 01/02/2009′

0101 - reggie yu
Site takes in a different perspective New columnist to give ‘Table Talk’ twice a month MANILA (Jan. 01, 2009) – Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cebu-Mactan Channel has opened this website to selected online bloggers (columnists), at least one from each of the five areas in JCI Philippines, to give members and internet visitors perspectives from these writers’ geographical views. In fact, this site will publish the first guest blog titled “Table Talk” by a respected JCI leader, a known trainer and communicator from Area II, starting tomorrow, Jan. 2, and every first and third Fridays of t...

Changing Perspectives – 11/15/08

Failure is (not) an option (?) Vol. I, No. 04*15 November 2008 By JCI A / Mem. CERWIN T. EVIOTA, CNT, NG2006 Charter President “FAILURE is not an option.” So goes the famous line NASA flight director Eugene “Gene” F. Kranz uttered to flight controllers at Mission Control in Houston on April 13, 1970 after declaring: “We've never lost an American in space and we're sure as hell not gonna lose one on my watch!” Actor Ed Harris said it well when he played the role of the person, who brought Neil Armstrong to the moon and saved the crew of Apollo 13, in the 1995 movie. The line is typicall...

Of Genuine and Effective Leadership – 11/04/2008

Playing Politics Vol. 1, No. 3 * November 4, 2008 By JCI Mem. ANGELO DANIEL R. PARCON2007 President I can never be a politician. There I said it and I meant it. Although I come from two political institutions from both sides of my families, the Rosales Clan in Butuan from my mother's side and the Parcon Clan in Pototan, Iloilo from my father's side, I don't think I have the nerve nor the gall that it takes to be a politician. A lot asked me for the reasons why I ran for NVP for Central Visayas in JCI Philippines this year. For a simple question, I gave a simple answer. ', ' ...

Changing Perspectives – 11/01/08

Roles (Past) Presidents play Vol. I, No. 02*01 November 2008 By JCI A/Mem. CERWIN T. EVIOTA, CNT, NG 2006 Charter President One year to lead. That’s how long a license lasts for the privileged few who get the opportunity to lead a JCI unit, especially as local organization President. The same is true for elective positions in the national and international levels, but I’d like to focus here on becoming a chapter President, especially after one finishes his or her term. Even before the Presidents Academy came to be institutionalized in JCI Philippines in 2000 and in JCI Malaysia in 1998, tho...