‘About the Chapter’s co-founder in Dubai’

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‘JCI trainings worked well for me’

He patterned ‘STAR’ process after S.A.P.A.E.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (Jan. 05, 2009) – Almost four years of varied learning experiences in Junior Chamber International (JCI) worked well for one of the nine key founders of JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel who has worked for an oilfield company based here.

In fact, JCI Mem. Eric Martin M. Taghoy created for his employer what he coined as S.T.A.R. formula that he applied in his job as Systems and Network Administrator of OES Oilfield Services Group.

He developed his formula from S.A.P.A.E. in JCI on project management.

PROUD JCI Mem. Eric Martin M. Taghoy by the desert outside west of Dubai in UAE.

PROUD JCI Mem. Eric Martin M. Taghoy by the desert outside west of Dubai in UAE.

While S.A.P.A.E. stands for Survey-Analysis-Planning-Action-Evaluation, his S.T.A.R. formula means Scenario-Task-Action-Results, a derivative from Plan-Do-Check-Act in technical project development.

“I applied the Jaycee trainings in my life, especially at work,” Eric Martin told BRIDGES, the news team of this Chapter. “By discipline, I am process-oriented, and I apply the same method in leading my team here at OES.”


Other than S.T.A.R., he said he had implemented several IT projects for the company, including office connectivity with the company’s branches in the US, UK and Singapore and their IT inventory systems.

He also instituted a process for Windows Open License – Implementation and Enforcement.

“This year, we are moving to different locations, and I now have the network blueprints, everything on my table na!,” he revealed.

Mahimoot lang ko with the things I’m doing here. It’s just like the way we study, plan and implement projects in JCI, not to mention having to lead my team the JCI way,” he said.

“All I learned in JCI I have applied, and being process-oriented works well with my job now,” he added.

Good standing

Eric Martin’s love for JCI has never waned. In fact, he continues to be a full-paying member in good standing of JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel.

He has pledged through the Chapter’s Skype Chatbox to transmit this month through his wife based home in Lapulapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu with their three daughters his full membership dues for 2009.

“Being here so far away, I really miss the meetings and projects. I have always been proud to be a Jaycee. JCI burns in my heart with passion, not only in action,” he said.

Eric Martin had earlier considered initiating the creation of a JCI chapter in Dubai, starting with his Filipino friends and a few new found Arab friends.

“The rules here are tight. Authorities are strict. You need to meet a lot of government requirements. And there is not much freedom as we have in the Philippines for people to group together, much more in conducting activities,” he explained.

Eric Martin when he first reported for work at OES.

Eric Martin when he first reported for work at OES.

He said he started to explore the idea with a fellow Cebuana named Gladys Lim, a past member of the University of San Jose Recoletos – Junior Jaycee Jaguars.

“She also thought it’s too hard for groupings here to evolve,” he said.

He said he thought a high-level initiative may be needed for JCI to be in UAE, implying it should not come from a NOM, much less a LOM, but from the world federation.

JCI experience

Eric Martin joined JCI through the Cebu Jaycees in 2001.

He was among the most active in his batch, a recipient of an Outstanding Member of the Month award from the chapter president then, JCI Sen. Gino C. Gonzalez, also an adviser-on-call of this Chapter.

He served as Government Affairs Commissioner of JCI Cebu in 2002 under another adviser-on-call of this Chapter, 2003 NEVP Visayas Lyndon L. Fermo, PG.

He became inactive in the next three years. But he dared to act as spokesman for 23 disenfranchised JCI Cebu members who protested on Sept. 9, 2003 against some Constitutional infractions they expressed in a written and signed manifesto.

That episode tagged the group as Magdalo, in reference to the Oakwood Mutiny on July 27, 2003 that had now Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV as spokesperson.

“I felt harassed, even discriminated after that. Supposed friends looked at us differently. Iba ang tingin nila sa ‘yo, nakakatakot,” he admits.

“But I never regret having done that. The issues we raised were legitimate. We made a stand, and we stood by it. They missed the point. They took it differently,” he added.

That day would have had been his last in JCI affairs until Oct. 19, 2005 came.

Founding day

He met on that day with five of his former “Magdalo” brothers, the acknowledged engine behind the multi-awarded terms of Presidents Gino and Lyndon, at what was then Kaona Grill across Ayala Center at Cebu Business Park when they agreed to form what has become this JCI Chapter.

They included 2006 Charter President Cerwin T. Eviota, CNT, NG, 2007 President Angelo Daniel R. Parcon, and JCI Members Joven M. Ecarma, Jr., Lloyd A. Bantiling and Eli T. Espina.

Also in that meeting were JCI Candahug Liberation past EVP Ma. Theresa “Matet” B. Calibugan, PG, and Philippine Junior Jaycees, Inc. (PJJCI) past National President Teodorico A. Bastida, who also now works in Tanzania.

JCI Mem. Elaine Mae T. Bathan, also a past PJJCI National President, missed that meeting but completed the 9-person core team that started JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel and developed the principles that rule the Chapter until today.

Eric Martin served in the Board of Directors during the 2006 charter year, concurrently as International Affairs Commissioner. He continued to serve under the watch of PP Parcon in 2007 on special projects.

Eric Martin at Dubai Dreamland facing the Persian Gulf.

Eric Martin at Dubai Dreamland facing the Persian Gulf.

“Looking at what has become of JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel, I feel so proud not because I was among those who started it but more because I am a member of this chapter, a part of an organization where amazing happens,” remarked Eric Martin.

“The Chapter lives by the true essence of what JCI’sm is all about. I’m glad the members today do not have to experience what we had in 2003,” he said. “What we have had started is now a shining star,” he added.


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