‘A Christmas Moment’ on 12/27/08

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Special children beam with smile

‘Time spent with them were touching moments’

CEBU CITY (Dec. 27, 2008) – Do they know it’s Christmas time?

1227 - cerebral palsySuch question popularized in the record and banner song of the 1984 Band Aid campaign to save Ethiopia from famine came to fore in the minds of every member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cebu-Mactan Channel who participated in the fourth and final kick-off of “Bridging The Gap” project with Omnilogy of New York.

In “A Christmas Moment,” they spent three hours today with special children in the care of the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) in Sawang Calero, this city. Mostly abandoned by their parents, not only because they were poor, but because they either had Cerebral palsy or Down’s Syndrome .

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1227 - down syndrome“The time we spent with the children were truly touching moments for us,” noted the 2009 President, Emi Rose R. Parcon.

President MM found one baby she got fond with and carried in her arms almost throughout the time the group visited the institution run and operated by MOP priests and brothers from Kingston, Jamaica.

Charter member Cristina Hitutua also found a child who touched her heart most.

Jorge Gabriel “Bujik,” son of 2006 Charter President Cerwin T. Eviota, CNT, NG, also found new playful friends he exchanged high fives with.

“The children may not know it’s Christmas, and may not even understand the meaning of Christmas, at least they felt happy interacting with their visitors,” remarked senior associate member ICE “Ice Baby” T. Eviota.

He added, “to us, it’s Christmas given more meaning.”

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