Of Genuine and Effective Leadership – 02/03/2009

Never back down …

… in defending what you believe in

Vol. 1, No. 9 * February 3, 2009

2007 President

You may be flexible on strategy, but must remain consistent on principle!

From what I heard from the grapevine the past few months, it is not a secret that our chapter can be considered one of the more controversial, er, or should we say, a news maker to a certain degree, within our JCI circle.

These issues involve our charter members, our roles in regional and area gatherings, accidental “discoveries” and our rabid methods to pursue what is right.

Some of us have considered these as part and parcel of our pursuit to become better leaders in our society. Many have asked us, why do we do these?

A simple question requires a simple answer.We do not simply memorize our creed.In as much as our efforts are able to sustain it, WE LIVE BY OUR CREED.

After all, isn’t our JCI Creed the most basic and yet the strongest foundation which our organization stands on?If there was no JCI creed, our organization would not have a purpose.

Myopic minds

We’ve been criticized so many times and have been branded to an extent as divisive to the efforts that are aimed to create harmony.That is why it pains me so much to hear how myopic people’s minds can be.

As members of this organization, we took an oath to serve as a living example of its philosophy and beliefs, an oath we swore to protect, uphold and enforce at all times.

Creating ties and gaining friendships via our fellowship activities are essential facets of our being as JCI members.BUT if we choose to make this a reason to gain a better foothold in the organization, if we will use this as a means to turn our backs on what we swore on, if this will be given more weight than what we swore on, then we do not deserve to be part of a leadership organization.

Each one of us has principles of our own.These are beliefs that we hold so dear and is considered our guidelines in how to make the decisions in life and how to live our lives.Attacks may break our physical selves, but no force on earth should ever break our principles.These are OUR rules in life.

The JCI Creed is in itself, the epitome of the principles of our organization.We recite this in every JCI activity to remind us what we are promoting and what we choose to believe to the very core of our JCI lives.

If we begin to make decisions and activities that are essentially the exact opposite of what our Creed is promoting, then we do not deserve to be called JCI members.

It is right there, in black and white, no gray areas. What is in the Creed is what we as JCI members should believe in.If you have a problem with that, you may as well begin creating another organization which can live by YOUR principles.

A humble man

During our 4th Induction Ceremonies last January 29, we were honored by the presence of our National Senior Executive Vice President, JCI Sen. Edwin “Eds” B. Guinto, CLT.

As we concluded the formal ceremonies and proceeded with our small fellowship gathering, we were enlightened further about who our NSEVP really is.I have always held our NSEVP in such a high regard and respect him well.

Aside from the fact that he generously gave me his trust and confidence to be the National Chairman of the National Public Speaking Competition for 2009 in JCI Philippines, despite his stature both physically and professionally, he is one of the most down-to-earth National Officers that I have ever encountered.

What’s more, as the evening progressed, we learned how passionate our NSEVP can be when it comes to abiding by his principles.We were able to relate to him how he has never backed down from insurmountable trials that would challenge his principles.

All the more our respect grew for the man who simply prefers to be called NS or Eds.It is perhaps because of this unbendable foundation in defending his beliefs and principles is why he was able to mold Area 3 into what it is now: a strong and unified force in JCI Philippines.


We remain ever ready to face the controversies that may arise from the decisions we make, decisions that we strongly and passionately express like our very lives depended on them.

We have been more than often criticized on why we choose to rock the boat and have been branded as disturbers of the peace.

If it would mean defending what is right and what is in our principles as leaders and members of this organization, then we shall wear the tag “disturbers of the peace” proudly on our sleeves.

There is a reason why we recite our creed, we recite it to remind us why we are in this organization and why we do what we need to do.If we begin to do efforts that would betray this, then there is definitely something wrong with us.

Critics may strip us of our laurels, may beat us black and blue to a literal pulp, may bring us down so many times over, we may disappoint those who we have grown to create ties with.

But bottom line, after these have all been taken away, they can never take from us our principles and beliefs as members of this proud organization.

Be not afraid, stand up and be ever ready to defend what you swore to defend.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have found the formula for GENUINE and EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP nor do I claim to be a genuine and effective leader though I sincerely seek to be one. This column is my quest towards being a genuine and effective leader and my insights from my JCI experiences that would hopefully lead me there. Let me hear your thoughts too by leaving a comment here.

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