JCI Areas of Opportunity

Junior Chamber International Areas of Opportunity

The four areas of opportunity – Business, Individual, Community and International – serve as a way for Local Organizations to organize their officers and committees. They serve as a framework for ensuring a well-rounded membership experience in JCI. By seeing that members get to experience activities related to these 4 areas, the Board provides balanced development.

The areas of opportunity serve a different purpose than the key messages. While the Areas of Opportunity are one way to classify the activities of a Local Organization, the things that differentiate JCI from the competition go beyond this. Many of our competitor organizations offer a variety of opportunities as well. By limiting our message to only opportunities, we miss the bigger picture – the attitude, the impact, the worldview and the vision that sets JCI apart. In our communications and key messages, we must first emphasize the key messages.

The Areas of Opportunity may be introduced to members after they clearly understand the organization’s central purpose and are involved in the organization’s operations.

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