‘Joy as Young Leaders – 02/25/09′

What brings joy in one’s LOM

Vol. I, No. 03* 25 February 2009

2008 President

What brings joy in one’s experiences — even journey — in JCI through one’s LOM?

For newbies, you might be wondering what a LOM is.

LOM is our colloquial acronym for Local Organization Movement. We’ve been used to referring to our JCI chapter as LOM in our internal lingo but the international organization recently encouraged us to refer to a chapter as “local JCI organization.”

The growth and development of JCI members emanates in their LOM. If an individual finds enthusiasm and energy in his LOM, the more reasons he will stay and contribute in creating positive changes.

Here are my 6 reasons:

Directing. The directions of a LOM are clearly communicated to the general membership. A Board of Directors is elected among the members each year. They agree on a theme and a plan of action during their “one year to lead.” As a member, I appreciate the discipline of informing members and making them understand the game plan.

Mentoring. Having a Mentor who teaches me how to grow and contribute my time, talent and treasures to the LOM. He definitely unravels the mystery in me so that I can be a BETTER LEADER. A big thank you to CTE!

Networking. The opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life – Businessmen, Politicians, School Officials, and Media Partners, among others, in working towards a goal.

Fellowship.Developing high relations with fellow JCI members is worth the time spent. Sleepless nights, drinking a dozen bottles of beer and chit chat will definitely give your more time to bond with your brothers, yet learn in the interactions.

Travel. At least I get to travel to different islands every year at the least cost possible. In three years that I have since been a JCI member, I’ve been to Subic, Catbalogan, Bacolod, Dipolog (and Dakak, too) and, where to next? Puerto Princesa this coming October!

Rewards and Recognition. How would you like to find your efforts within the organization recognized by your colleagues, as movie industry players do through the Oscars? We have our Temyong Awards! And how do you react when a colleague tells you, “Hey, I saw you in the newspaper today!”If you ask me, tell them to join JCI as you have!

Now you would not wonder why I am so proud about my LOM, the JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel. As it came to be Most Outstanding Chapter over the past three years since its birth, I was a part of that process.

Yes, motivation comes in many forms. Human as we are, we always give time to activities that we enjoy, learn from and find worthwhile.

Do you feel joy in and for your LOM?

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