Of Genuine and Effective Leadership – 03/12/2009

The true reason for success

Vol. 1, No. 10 * March 12, 2009

2007 President

Behind the success of every man is a woman.

Behind the success of every basketball championship is an iron-clad defense.

Behind the success of every successful project is a well-laid plan.

These sayings could go on and on about what is the reason for success in everything there is in life. Now, there is one I am very proud to declare to the whole world as the secret to the success of our very young chapter.

Behind the success of every JCI chapter is the dedication and the passion of its membership.

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Indeed it is so. We have been very blessed with our rag-tag collection of varied personalities and peoples coming from all walks of life who found a common ground for them to be passionate about: to be active citizens determined to create positive change.

A lot of people crow about how it is the current President or the veterans or the guiding voices of old members that steer the success of a chapter. I say nay to that. These people may be a guiding voice and may be those that man the leadership of the chapter, but the most important part of any organization, be it in JCI or anywhere else, is its membership core.

Take care of those that matter most

When I participated in the Officer’s College last August 2008, there was something that past JCI VP and current Chief Executive Assistant to the World President, JCI Sen. Decu Cunanan mentioned that really caught my ear the most: TAKE CARE OF YOUR MEMBERS & YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHAPTER. Give importance to those who make your organization an organization. It isn’t the past presidents, nor the senators or the ones who dole out the most money for projects that are the most important reasons why we remain an organization. It is our General Membership. They are the lifeblood of any chapter and without them a chapter can never give meaning to the vision and mission that we so passionately carry as members of JCI.

Isn’t it the General Membership who empowers the decisions that are made during a GMM? A proposal made by a chapter’s Board of Directors will remain just that, a proposal, unless it is approved and carried into “law” by the booming voice of the General Membership during a GMM. Isn’t it the General Membership who gives the mandate to a President to be its chapter’s leader during an election? Unless it is the practice of “selection” and not election that is the one that is being promoted in your chapter, that is.

These are but a few reasons why we should never take for granted the power that our members wield. We in Cebu-Mactan Channel have always recognized the importance of each individual member and give importance as well the reasons why these individuals chose to join the JCI ranks. It is this reason why we always give focus to their development as individuals first and foremost during the first quarter of each year. It is the reason why this year’s administration have decided to implement the Membership Development Seminars series that have successfully conducted several back to back seminars that have further empowered our members to become better citizens.

Future Leaders

These are the members who will take on the cudgels of leadership in years to come for our chapter. When we develop them, we ensure that we will have ready leaders that will not back down from the responsibilities that they will encounter when they decide to take on a more active role in the organization. Not only do we ensure that they are receiving what is but proper that they sought out from a leadership training organization but in the process we are also developing passionate individuals who will soon be the ones who will be carrying the message of JCI in the future.

As a past president, I can only but chuckle and beam with so much pride in seeing our new JCI babies and members continually grab the opportunities and the avenues which the chapter has been presenting to them. As a charter member, I can’t help but grin ear to ear thinking of how far we’ve grown since that fateful first meeting in Kaona Grill almost four years ago. As a JCI member, I can’t help but be sincerely thankful to the stars for giving us these firebrand members who I know will be excellent bearers of the JCI mission and vision; even better than most of us who have been in the movement several years already.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of organizations who simply miss hitting the head of the nail and continue to do things that to certain degree alienate their most important resources, their members. There are still those who continually take for granted the sentiments of these people who they work so hard to recruit but end up becoming stagnant facets for their chapters.


Remember, the most prevailing reason why people join JCI is because they want to be better. Better individuals. Better entrepreneurs. Better active citizens.

We have been very consistent in our thrust to train our members since the inception of our chapter in 2005. We still believe that for us to really give glory to the mission and vision of JCI is to start by empowering our members through trainings. We were quite ecstatic that the thrust of JCI Philippines towards more trainings was introduced for this year. At least that’s what we’ve been doing the past four years already.

To our new members, Sandra, Dux, Dandy, Cher, G-Net, T-10, Anthony, Roy, Ivy, Liezl, Melvin, Es-Es, Beah, Sheena, Mary and the rest, keep the fires burning! Continue to grow as individuals and as members of the JCI movement. You have made us no less than proud of what you have shown as new additions to our family and have made us ecstatic at your potentials within the movement.

As leaders of our organizations, we should never take for granted the importance of those who hold the true power within our chapters. Let us take care of them, because soon, down the line, they will be the ones who will take care of what we have worked so hard to establish and build.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have found the formula for GENUINE and EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP nor do I claim to be a genuine and effective leader though I sincerely seek to be one. This column is my quest towards being a genuine and effective leader and my insights from my JCI experiences that would hopefully lead me there. Let me hear your thoughts too by leaving a comment here.

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