Summer Jam Basketball Tournament 2014

SUMMER JAM BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT is now open for Registration! Form a team of 10-15 and you will be eligible to join the first leg of JCI Cebu Mactan Channel’s Basketball Tournament

Summer Jam update sacred heart

Where: Sacred Heart School (Cebu City)
When: March 16, 2014 (1st Leg) Registration Fee: P5,000

Prizes: 1st Place – P15,000 + Trophy 2nd Place – P10,000 + Trophy

*Games will be played under FIBA RULES.

*Commercial Players NOT ALLOWED.

This Tournament is for the benefit of Read to Lead a literacy project and program for children to discover the transformative power of reading. To know more about the Read to Lead Program visit this link below:

Call for Reservation: 0923-912-7727 | 0917-615-3245 Email:

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