Temiong Vergel De Dios Week – Day 1

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A Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration

Local Organization gives thanks for the fruitful first four years and kicks off the Anniversary Week Celebration

Thanksgiving MassCEBU METROPOLITAN CATHEDRAL, Cebu City — Junior Chamber International Cebu-Mactan Channel (Philippines) kicked off its Anniversary Week Celebration dubbed as the Temiong Vergel De Dios JCI Week with a meaningful and enlightening eucharistic celebration at the heart of Catholic veneration here in Cebu.

Led by 2009 President Emi Rose S. R. Parcon, spouse 2007 President Angelo Daniel Parcon and their son Dain Angelo Parcon, the local organization gave meaning to the JCI tenet “Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life” by sponsoring the eight o’clock mass here. Also joining the celebration was Charter President Cerwin T. Eviota, CNT(NG) together with his sons, Bujik and Aga as well as Immediate Past President Jolex Yu Lim who made time to join the members.

Chaired by 2009 Community Development Director Dr. Rio Dela Peña, the event served as a kick-off point for the varied activities the local organization will be conducting from Oct. 18-25 to give essence and relevance to the JCI Creed and as a thanksgiving for the very fruitful first four years that the local organization has been in existence.

Also present during the eucharistic celebration were Temiong Vergel De Dios JCI Week over-all project chairperson Karlo Angelo ‘Kimo’ Cea, members Ralph Agas, Cherryl Lynn Pada and her daughter Aubrey and new members couple Mike and Zyle Orio.

It has been the practice of JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel to give honor to JCI Philippines leaders, who have exhibited the passion and the fire to further the development of the movement, during its annual Anniversary Week Celebration. The local organization has previously named these celebrations to Ramon Del Rosario and Papa Dave Chua-Unsu. This year the local organization chose to honor Artemio “Temiong” Vergel De Dios, the man who started Junior Chamber International in Asia.

What made the celebration all the more special was how the celebrant priest gave a very passionate and meaningful piece during the homily. He focused on the importance of being able to serve the most common of men despite how far one has already progressed when it comes to the successes in life. Said the priest “It does not matter how big a business or how rich one has been able to achieve, rather it is whether one has the heart of a servant”. Always ready to be of service to those who are in need.

A fitting start to the local organization’s 4th Year Anniversary Celebration.

To check out the photos of the activity, click here.

Faith in God

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