Temiong Vergel De Dios Week – Day 3

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When saving up matters most

JCI Trainer Ryan Expeditus Andales of the JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel L.I.F.E. Team discusses how to beat the onslaught of the worldwide financial crisis

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McDONALD’S ASIATOWN I.T. PARK, Cebu City (October 20, 2009) — JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel’s LIFE Trainer Ryan Expeditus Andales, an accomplished financial consultant, shared the basics on how to get in order one of the most important facets we regularly face in our daily lives – how to make ends meet.

Andales, who is currently professionally connected with PRU Life UK, more than accomplished the task that he had set out to do.  To open the eyes of the participants on where their earnings should be going and where these should be allocated for.

Chaired by 2010 Secretary Iris Vera Petralba, the project dubbed as “Money Management Basics” is part of the week-long stream of activities organized by the JCI Local Organization in observance of its 4th Year Anniversary Celebration which also serves as a tribute to Artemio “Temiong” Vergel De Dios; the man who started JCI in Asia.

Amidst the “oohs” and “aahs” which signified the surprised expressions of the participants, Trainer Andales drew forth a rundown of basic expenses that people usually encounter on a monthly basis and those which leave people puzzled on where their finances actually went to.  According to Andales “those things / expenditures which you take for granted, actually form the bulk of unwanted expenses that sooner or later, would leave you gasping for breath and eventually into financial instability”.

The participants were asked to outline their expenses and prioritize these according to their importance.  Most, if not all, participants were immediately surprised at the amounts that they were dispensing in order to get through their daily expenses.

JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel aims to further these types of trainings in order to better equip its members in facing up to the challenges that have risen in the middle of the worldwide financial turmoil that we are all experiencing.

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