Temiong Vergel De Dios Week – Day 4

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Constitutional Amendment Year

Similar to the National Organization, JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel Constitution and By-Laws to undergo amendments to align with the International Organization

Government should be of laws

CAKEWALKERS CAFFE, OSMEÑA BLVD., Cebu City (October 21, 2009) – Taking its cue from the National Organization, JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel also buckled down to do a series of consultations and meetings that would make changes and further allow its own Constitution and By-Laws to adopt to the international standards that JCI had set during the World Congress in New Delhi, India.

The Constitutional consultation meeting was presided over by all five Presidents of the Local Organization’s history, namely – Charter President Cerwin Eviota, 2007 President Angelo Daniel Parcon, 2008 President Jolex Lim, 2009 President Emi Rose Remoroza-Parcon and 2010 Incoming President Marlon Ariel Polinar. In attendance were both veteran and new members who actively involved themselves in the discussions about the Constitution that would be the guide for the local organization in the next five years.

Once the Constitutional Committee composed of the Presidents will conclude the consultation with the members, they will then collate all of the suggestions and the concerned matters raised up during these meetings and draft the proposed revised constitution for presentation to the General Membership for further discussion which will eventually lead to a ratification for the new JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel Constitution and By-Laws.

“Adaptation to the changes and new policies that are cascaded by JCI will be given utmost importance in drafting the new constitution as well as the sentiments and inputs that are made by our members who have every right in having a say in this whole process, after all, it is the General Membership who wield the true power of a JCI local organization” says 2007 President Angelo.

Charter President Cerwin quips further “It makes us proud to declare that we remain faithful to the processes that have made this movement great and that it is important to recognize the opinions of all involved in our local organization to come up with the best possible outcome in this process”.

As it enters its fifth year as a JCI local organization, Cebu-Mactan Channel has already amassed several awards in both the area and national level, most recently with the three (3) Temiong Awards and two (2) merit awards during the 61st JCI Philippines National Convention in Palawan.

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